NEW AS MATHS (STANDARD) – Holiday Homework

Maths Induction Booklet (Y12)

RPS AS Level Maths required book purchase


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As your child begins their A-level Mathematics course, they will be studying (at least) two Pure Mathematics modules (Core 1 and Core 2) in Year 12.  To this end, the Mathematics Department would like to kindly request that students purchase a copy of the Core textbook for these modules, the details of which can be found below.

Title:  AS Core Mathematics for OCR (A-Level Maths)

Author: Rosemary Emanuel, John Wood

ISBN-10: 0-582-84235-2    ISBN-13: 9 780582 842359

This is available widely on Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmith.  Prices are around £21 for a new copy; however, perfectly acceptable second-hand copies are available on Amazon from around £5-£10.

The benefit of having their own textbook is that students will be in a position to annotate and highlight particular examples and techniques.  In addition, they will find this a valuable reference resource in their A2 Mathematics year and beyond.

Students will have the option of selling this textbook onto a future Y12 student (clearly at a reduced rate) on completion of their AS course, should they choose not to hold onto it.  This assumes that the textbook is in good quality condition.

For those students to whom the option of buying a textbook may be difficult due to cases of hardship, please make contact with the department to discuss this.

Thanking you and your child in anticipation,

J Keegan

Mr Jarrod Keegan

Study Area Leader for Mathematics


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